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Tina DeStefano
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A Sensational Idea Whose Time Has Come

EXIT Realty is a place where Agents can actually build an exciting and profitable business and not just work in one. Everyone shares in the benefits of helping to build the corporation. Through sponsoring, you do the work once, and get paid over and over for as long as you and the people you sponsored remain with EXIT, providing you with a far greater return on your invested time.

Why EXIT, Broker?

There are now over ONE TRILLION EXIT signs on the North American continent and everyone of them is paid for with other people's money! It's hard not to think about EXIT because you see it every place you go. Think about it:

  • Signing off many computer programs requires you to EXIT
  • At all movie theatres, EXIT signs are visually located near the screen
  • An aircraft flight attendant's demonstration draws your attention to the EXIT sign
  • EXIT signs in hotels point to safe passage
  • Our competitors promote the name EXIT throughout their offices, seminars and conventions
  • This company is more highly advertised than General Motors®, IBM®, Sony® or any other major corporation.

However, who really makes an EXIT in our Business? THE SELLERS of course! They are moving out and truly understand the meaning of the word.

EXIT Realty is Growing!

Over 1,112 Franchises Sold

Over 35,385 Agents Recruited

Over $100 Million Paid in Sponsorship Bonuses(since 2000)

100% of the Regional Rights Sold

EXIT has grown at a rate averaging 77% each year for the past 5 years

Earn more than 100% and pay no desk fees